About Us

Why us

SnI mobile was established in 2016. We do on-the-spot repairs for any phone and laptops and that includes any physical damages, battery/power issues, data retrieval and restoration problems, water-/liquid damages, main board issues, etc.

Our licensed technicians are all highly-qualified with at least 15 years of experience as Research Development officers in the repair industry and 5 years experience as Mobile Technicians at Samsung. We take pride in our technicians for having been awardees of Samsung’s Best Performing Service Technicians in 2014.

No one likes waiting, so we don’t make our customers wait. We perform fast, efficient and reliable service. Should you choose to wait, we will do the service on-the-spot. In case you need to do errands oryou need to attend to some business while having your phones orlaptops fixed, We guarantee to get the job done as soon asyou’re back. On the spot, On the Dot. Either way we will get it done.

Nowadays, mobile phones have become a part of our lives.It makes our lives easier and we can’t afford to havedamaged or defective mobile phones.It has all our contact, valuable data, pictures, music & videosand everything else related to our work. Our company iswell aware of this fact and for that reason,we want to show our customers how we truly care aboutthem. Our customer care service is available 24/7,no days off or holidays. Call us anytime. Customer help and support is a call away and always remember that with us, you and your mobile are in good hands.

  • 2011 Samsung Authorized Repair Technician
  • 2012 Samsung Authorized Repair Technician
  • 2013 Samsung Authorized Repair Technician
  • 2014 Samsung Authorized Repair Technician
  • 2015 Samsung Authorized Repair Technician